The 3 common causes of Climate Change

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When it comes to Climate change, many people often have no idea on what contributes to this idea.  This change is always defined as statistical distribution of the weather patterns whenever these changes lasts for a given extended period.

What are the causes of Climate Change?

The following are some of the causes of Climate Change:

  1. Greenhouses gases such as Carbon dioxide

Too many emissions of greenhouses gases into the air can cause Climate Change leading to high temperatures across the world. When you know what to do, you should always ensure that you do what is best for the environment and think what can cause high temperature across the world. When these gases accumulate in the atmosphere, they can always cause high temperatures thus making it among the main causes of Climate Change.

climate change

  1. Culprit coal

Culprit coal is among the biggest climate pollutant used as a source of global power sector that generates around 40 percent of all the global electricity coming from coal. When people need electricity – they often burn coal thus making it among the best options that you would need when making your choice. These chemicals have contributed to too much pollution leading to climate change. Coal also produce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions that makes it dangerous for life of plants and animals.

  1. Fossils fuels

The decomposition of fossils in the environment often leads to high accumulation of fossils in the atmosphere leading to high temperatures thus making the whole of process of climate change to be even worse. However, research has shown that accumulation of these chemicals can always have a big impact on the weather conditions.

In conclusion, the information should enable you understand the causes of Climate Change thus enabling people to understand the new measures that they can take whenever they need the best options.




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